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Randy Kent

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Shirley Winters

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Stanley Proctor

Dean Fessil

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forgive me, Jesus

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"Our Church "

Prayer list

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Miss Stella Case

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Judy and Melvin Johnson

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Travis Proctor

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Amanda Crisp

Becky Duncan

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Marc Hoover Brenda Hoover & Bryanna Hoover


Brighter Day Baptist Church

Dorothy  Rogers Yarbrough, please pray for her she is having heart surgery on Nov  15 please keep her in your prayers

Jeanette Stewart

please pray for me I work with Eric at the School

I have really bad cancer so please pray that God will give  me strength each Day thank you

John Burke &Sabrina Burke

John Burke 2.JPG
charleen Harrison.jpg

Please keep Ken and Pat Stover 

in your prayers

Ray Silver.jpg

please keep Ray silver in your Prayers he had a stroke monday may 8th please keep Ray and Robin and the rest of the famliy in your prayers

please pray for  Roy Weigamd
praying hands.jpg

Seth  McKinney
please pray he has cancer

Please Pray For My Wife Sabrina 

the Doctors Found a Mass on Her liver

and we Excavating done For our new home and i have three cars that need to be fixed please keep John & Sabrina in your prayers

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